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Stash & Norma Furman

• International Health and Racquet Sports Association and Keiser Exercise Equipment IHRSA/Keiser 50+ Gold Award• Arthritis Foundation
• International Strength and Conditioning Conference UBC
• Readers Digest "Best Videos of 1997"
• SGMA Sports Goods Manufacturers Association
• Metlife Health Insurance
• President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
• American Heart Association
• Channel 3 News KTVK-TV Phoenix, AZ
• Arizona Senior Olympics
• ASU Arizona State University, Department of Exercise Science/PE

Stash & Norma Furman

Arthritis Foundation 1997
Featured presentors: JOINT PARADE May 4, 1997
at Sun Angel Stadium, ASU Tempe AZ.

Contact: Randy Breen Development director Arthritis foundation
Central Arizona Chapter
602 602-264-0366

International Strength and Conditioning Conference UBC 1997

Contact: Joey Dolcetti, Conference Chairman 604-224 0227

Readers Digest "Best Videos of 1997"

WALK & STRETCH AEROBICS FOR SENIORS (Walkaerobics and Static Stretching)

Contact: Brad Cole, Cole Media Industries, 716- 433-6592 RefitYourself - Walkaerobics

SGMA Sports Goods Manufacturers Association 1997
ACTIVE AND AGELESS ResourceGuide (Walkaerobics)

Metlife Health Insurance 1995
"...For the past seven months, I have been taking a Walkaerobics class twice a week from Stash and Norma Furman....... A forty-four-year-old "couch potato"... have done very little exercising prior to joining this club, and this class was recommended to me as...a good way to get back into shape, increase my stamina and lose some weight.....My doctor has recommended that I exercise more and lose weight,....Taking Walkaerobics has enabled me to maintain a seven-pound weight loss and firm up muscles, while increasing my energy level to allow me to manage a fast-paced work schedule and a busy personal life. I also attribute a 20-point drop in my overall cholesterol level directly to the exercise habits formed inWalkaerobics.
"....patient and highly knowledgeable instructors who care about their students and pass along to us the latest health and fitness information as they receive it. They always motivate us to do our "personal best," while making sure that we don't overdo or injure ourselves. The low-impact exercises they have designed are certainly helping me to achieve my fitness goals....I am very grateful to the Furmans and to the Metlife Insurance program for making it financially possible for me to join a health club...."

Contact: Sharon Seeds, Metlife Health Insurance client 602-246-8211
"Your creativeness has put you ahead of the competition into the future".
Contact: Ernie E. Zaik General Manager Western Reserve Club , exercise provider

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports 1994
SILVER EAGLE AWARD for outstanding acheivement August 1994

Contact: Sandra Perlmutter, Executive Director 202-272-3431

International Health and Racquet Sports Association and Keiser Exercise EquipmentRSA/Keiser First International 50+ Gold Award 1994
th Annual International Conference and Trade Show Reno, Nevada Mar 23 1994


Contact: IHRSA 800-228 4772

Stash & Norma Furman

American Heart Association 1992
Planning Committee and Featured Istructors
American Heart Association AHA/ FHP Health Care "Leap For Life" Feb 29, 1992

Contact: FHP Marketing 800- 347 4968
Channel 3 News KTVK-TV Phoenix, AZ 1990

Contact: Mike Chamberlain, sports anchor (602) 263-3333
"I'd like to introduce you to a couple that saved my life! Stash and Norma Furman are considered the guru's of middle age people like you and me (ok,'re still a puppy!)
Last year I enrolled in Stash & Norma's "Walkaerobics" class. Not only did they set me on a path of lifetime exercise, but taught me how to eat healthy for life. I can't believe it took me half my life to learn how to take care of my body. My excuse was always....."I'm in the news business, I'll just grab a quick bite at Jack n the Box or Wendy's," at 45 years of age, I finally learned how to control my weight. Under their guidance, I lost the 15 pounds I'd been trying to lose for the past l0 years."
Arizona Senior Olympics

ASU Arizona State University, Department of Exercise Science/PE 1986-1989
(An Interdisciplinary Institute for Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Psychology)

Contact: Department ESPE (602) 965-3875
"They (the Furmans) have also worked very diligently developing a Walkaerobics Program for adults to enhance their cardiovascular fitness. This program has the potential of being marketed to the adult community and is exemplary of their insight into the complex problem of enhancing fitness for mid- life and senior adults. I see them as having a great potential to deveiop into productive members of the scientific community."

Barbee C. Myers, Ph.D.ex-Associate Professor of Exercise Science/Physical Education
"They (the Furmans) have likewi»e developed highly innovative exercise programs for middle-aged adults; they nave extensive experience managing and teaching in such programs; and they have given nothing short of inspirational leadership to such programs. they may well soon be known as among the leading advocates and among the leading developers of such programs."

Robert G. 0sterhoudt, Ph.D Professor of Exerclse Science/Physical Education
"Norma also adds the dimension of her experience and personality to her graduate studies. She has an interesting and varied backgound, not normally found in exercise science graduate students. In addition, she is a late-in-life convert to a healthy lifestyle, and has a great deal of dedication to improving the health and fitness of those over forty."

William J.Stone, Ed.D Professor of Exerclse Science/Physical Education

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low impact aerobics
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