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WALKAEROBICS© is an indoor non-impact, cardiovascular exercise program . Cardiovascular exercise directly effects your heart, blood vessels, lungs and brain. To the heart and lungs the The WALKAEROBICS© routine it is equal in benefits to vigorous "walking". But when walking, we use only specific muscles groups in repetitive motion moving forward. The WALKAEROBICS© routine is a synchronized walking pattern going forward, then backward, then side to side There are turns, pivots and the arms are used as well. This adds a benefit of agility, focus and changes in the brain to the workout..
The movement is easy to learn, and incorporates all the large muscle groups. The activity can be maintained for a long period (usually up to 15-20 minutes), is rhythmical and the intensity is controlled by progressively increasing or decreasing the BPMs (beats per minute) of the music.
The steps are simple and yet challenging inspired by the very popular line dances of the 1970s.


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