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Particularly at this moment in time, we 50+ adults owe it to the young…our children and grand children … and ourselves to be strong, vigorous and in control of our own fitness… to function and survive in this mind boggling century.
Years of deteriorating weakness and dependency should be the dreaded nightmares of the past. But, with all the GOOD information available on the internet there is little excuse for one to get involved with dangerous damaging weight loss diets, miracle anti=aging products, "voo doo" exercise regimens and equipment as seen in magazines and TV .
But the trouble is that the multitude of false info is like oil slick gumming up the "pearls" of true info and basic science.

We've learned through 25 years of hands on experience as award winning group exercise designers, leaders, personal trainers and sometime gurus of people 50 and over, that no method is perfect. But perfect is the enemy of good! Our mission with this ReFIT Yourself 50+ website is to feature ,inform , talk about, discuss, and argue… maybe, the pros and cons of GOOD ("scientifically backed" and tested) and BAD (financially rewarding unproven or patented though not necessarily effective) regimens and methods .

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Techniques to battle and
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