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THE CADENCE TRAIL© is a brand new walking program. It is an invigorating cardiovascular walking workout that we (mostly Stásh ) have been planning and developing since 1981. It has taken him all that time to collect and combine all the sounds you will hear. The cd is finally completed and we have been using it ourselves for our walks this Spring 2009.

The Cadence Trail

To do the program use a portable anti-shock cd player with headset (most big stores e.g. Fry's, Target sell them for less than $20 dollars}. You will walk indoors or out, on a treadmill, in a mall, a track or path, on the flats or up and down hills. The rate of speed of the walking cadence is no faster than the Walkaerobics speed you were accustomed to.

The Cadence TrailThe Cadence TrailThe Cadence Trail

As you walk along THE CADENCE TRAIL© You will hear many natural environments, rushing waterfalls, sometimes fast moving and every so often lyrical streams. At times you'll hear piercing, boisterous bird calls and now and again gentle bird songs will delight you ears. A saxophone plays in the distance, it gets louder as you walk nearer, reaches full volume as you pass and then recedes into the distance again.

INSTRUCTIONS: Put on your walking shoes and portable cd player and follow the steps below.
Step! Listen to the first informational tracks 1-4, only one time, sitting down. Step 2 Stand up and do Track 5 -THE LEG STRETCHES Step 3 Do Track 6 -The 30 minute CADENCE TRAIL
In the 30 minutes you will be walking approximately two miles more or less depending on the length of your gait.

IMPORTANTl If you cannot complete the 30 minutes. YOU CAN STOP AT ANY TIME .
Keep track of the time you completed each time and take your pulse.
Step 4 Please walk THE CADENCE TRAIL at least two times a week with a day off in between.

Get motivated! Join award winning Personal Trainers and WALKAEROBICS© fitness program developers Stash and Norma as they follow the beat on an invigorating 30 minute walk down THE CADENCE TRAIL©. This meticulously designed walking program is calculated to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance and to inspire you to set out on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Original concept and cadences by Stásh Furman
Saxophone by Larry Ballow
Additional Sounds by Mother Nature
Sound recording by Stásh Furman
Engineered and Arranged by D.R. Wilke, Wide Range Productions
Cover Art by Norma RGF
Produced & Directed by Stásh Furman © 2009

The Cadence Trail - Stash & Norma Furman

$15.00 U.S. Includes Shipping


1 Introduction 3:53 4. Technique/Tips 2:55
• Benefits of Walking 2:15 5. Leg Stretches 5:20
• What to Wear/Bring 2:34 6. Cardiovascular Walk 31:11

It's never too late to start again and again and again!

© 2009 WARNING: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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