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Quantum Cleansing© is our term for a group practical techniques which help us to reach a state of deep relaxation characterized by a lowered autonomic nervous system arousal- often called meditation. As we use the technique of Quantum Cleansing meditation, it is not a religion, not a philosophy and not a lifestyle! It is a diverse (eclectic) group of practices having the common goal of producing.

In the short term, a desired mental state which quiets the internal dialogue, and a cleansing of the body and mind of disease, disorder and debris.

In the long term, the promotion of personality growth, mental and physical health

Quantum Cleansing© meditation is not a religion- it's a technique..

Millions of people, including clergy practice meditation. The techniques have been used for thousands of years by many cultures. From Zen Buddhist texts to the Hebrew Torah, Christian chants, the Moslem Koran, Islam, Yoga, Ti Chi and Hindu Vedic tradition.

From 1959 - 1974 when Maharishi Yogi taught his version of the practice call TM transcendental Meditation to the Beatles and then to NYC it became popularized into the American culture.

Meditation supports all religions because it releases stress and enhances the mind, body and the emotions of the person who practices it..Traditionally referred to as "enlightenment".

Quantum Cleansing© meditation is not a philosophy- it's a technique..

Turning on a light switch is a technique. It involves no philosophy. Mediation is just as simple and mechanical. More recently we find the techniques studied, tested and accepted by the modern scientific community where it is called by many various names:

• Relaxation Response
• PSI Periodic Somatic Inactivity
• Hypometabolic states
• Self-hypnosis
• Progressive Relaxation
• Biofeedback
• Electro-encephalographic Alpha or Beta Rhythm Training

Meditation is a scientific technique, because it is universally applicable, repeatable and verifiable by anyone, anywhere.

Quantum Cleansing© meditation is not a lifestyle- it's a technique.

You don't have change your life in order to start meditation. Just learn it, practice it and enjoy the benefits..

It was 1973 in NYC where I, Stash took my first TM meditation classes. I received my "Mantra" which required initiation by a guru, or spiritual teacher. A mantra is a sound that one repeats vocally or subvocally. The inward repetition of a sound and the mind focusing on a single point of reference is the fundamental meditative technique. Very similar techniques are now used by many nonreligious adherents as a method of stress reduction; it is known to lessen levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress. The practice has been shown to enhance recuperation and improve the body's resistance to disease.

There are many other generic focusing techniques using visualization, breathing, flames, sounds, focusing on objects- crystals, color wheels and malas etc. We've incorporated many of these into our own meditation practices. We have discovered that for us these techniques elicit relaxation, give the brain silence, an inner calm and a chance to work out problems. It gets rid of the artificial stress (Agita) that the body sometimes creates. It increases our energy and reduces anxiety and depression.


The following are some basic rules for Quantum Cleansing which we find effective

preferably 15-20 minutes

before breakfast -before dinner or 2 hours after any meal

sit quietly in a comfortable position

close eyes

may fall asleep (don't fight urge)

loosen clothes (if possible)

dimly lit room (car, plane, OK)

How to sit:

Crosslegged -spine straight-upright position

Sit in corner-2 cushions or sit in chair-

How to position hands

thumb and fingers touching

right hand in left

thumb to thumb

interlacing fingers

hands on legs- supinated

How to breathe

pursed lip breathing (used in Static Stretching Video)

inhale-3 sec, hold-3 sec, exhale-3 sec

single nostrol

Start repeating a single sound or word. It is the inward repetition of a sound and the mind focusing on that single point of reference that quiets the inner dialogue, quiets mental background noise, suppresses thinking and gives the mind a chance to relax. Visualize cleansing the body and mind of disease, disorder and debris.

It is perfectly acceptable to choose your own sound, word or mantra. Remember, Quantum Cleansing meditation is not a religion..You can choose words or short phrases that elicit, bring on, produce good /positive feelings.(one of our favorites is, "I am part of all there is") or you can use one of these:

hari om
om sri ram jay

I feel very good

Religious Mantras

Hari om
Hari Krishna

Jesus Christ
Ave Maria
Hail Mary



Or you can just sit quietly in a comfortable position with closed eyes and do none of the above for 15 - 20 minutes. Studies have shown that that technique is equally effective.


In quantum theory it is thought that the Universe is an empty void composed of tiny clumps, small packets of matter & energy (called quantum -singular, quanta -plural), separated from one another by time and space - the quantum universe

Science has proven that our body is also made up of tiny particles and energy. It is broken down to cells, chemical molecules, atoms, subatoms, and quarks,

The Universe is composed of energy and matter.and our bodies are composed of energy and matter. We are not solid matter. We are inhaling, exhaling and sloughing off millions and millions of atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen, from our heart-lungs-liver-brain and stomach. We are part of the universe and the universe is part of us. A flowing organism always in flux we are part of all that is.The Quantum Universe isn't separate from us, it is us.

We use these meditative techniques to visualize cleansing the body and mind in the spaces between these quanta particles of disease, disorder and reduce stress, improve health and to promote a younger biological age .
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