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Stásh and Norma Furman and their programs Walkaerobics and Refit Yourself are honored recipients of the first International Health and Racket Sports Association IHRSA/Keiser 50+ Gold Award and the Presidents Council Of Physical Fitness and Sports for the best senior cardiovascular, aerobics, flexibility and strength training fitness programs for people age 50 plus ...more
The Walkaerobics Study
Exercise testing, evaluation and prescription for the 50+ nonathletic, deconditioned , with hypertension mid-life population has reached the hi-tech computer age, however the actual cardiovascular aerobic exercise programming and leadership have yet a long way to go.. Tests proved that 3 months of the Walkaerobics aerobic and static stretching exercise program lowered Blood pressure (hypertension) and increased flexibility. ...more
To Stretch or Not To Stretch
The question is: Performance Vs Health
Which of the many confusing types of stretching should grown ups, that is age 50 plus adults choose … Static stretching, Dynamic stretching, Ballistic stretching, Assisted stretching, Passive stretching, Active stretching , Yoga, PNF, AIS,MAT, ART or whether to stretch at all?…..and if yes, when, how much and for how long ?. We disagree with the New York Times article Stretching: The Truth by Gretchen Reynold Published 10/21/08 an obviously influential story which continues to be misleading ...more
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Mission Statement

Particularly at this moment in time, we 50+ adults owe it to the young… our children and grand children … and ourselves to be strong, vigorous , managing or preventing heart disease , arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, hypertension, Alzheimer's and in control of our own fitness…minus the hypes and gimmicks...


Stash and Norma Furman
Cardiovascular exercise Stationary Biking

The FITT Principle
What, when and how much to exercise...more


Cardiovascular exercise Walking

Five phases of Exercise ...more



Heart Rate
Understand Your Exercising Heart Rate...more

Disco van 2000 mirror ball

Disco Craze →Fitness Phase...more



Walkaerobics  video and audio

Indoor Full body exercise
low impact aerobics
Simple steps
Great music ...more

Static Stretching video and audio

Improve flexibility
No pain ...more

Meditation audio Quantum Cleansing

Relaxation techniques..more

Cancer Fighter video

Techniques to battle and
To conquer the beast ...more

Walking exercise audio Cadence Trail

Walking Program
Hear nature's sounds
Follow the beat...more

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